Content Nostalgia

Conor O’Shea was born in 1991 Stuttgart Germany lives and works in Sydney currently completing a Masters by research at Sydney college of the arts. Recent exhibition and curatorial projects include Ideal-uh huh (Berlin); I refuse to participate in failure Spreez (Munich), Repeat/Personas, Porous Space (Vienna), Area 51 Space Station (London), Repeat/Patterns, Alaska Projects (Sydney).

How does one manipulate and assemble information into a material source? Objects are mediators for the absorption of content and a carrier for conceptual frameworks. The content is digitalized and forwarded through the material; the work relies on relationships between technology and tradition. A Label Post-Internet was used to describe technological affinities with works manufactured or describing a certain kind of digital smooth aesthetic a term “new materialism” was coined allowing specific conditions of labor with specific aesthetic effects to surface. Materials chosen such as marble, copper, linen all holds a traditional purpose as objects they hold a history and also relate to a new materialism. A developed process of fluidity through mediation of different sources of information brings together these relationships into the stillness of an object over laid by a process. This transition of information through a material source allows the object to transition into a specific context. 

Hito Steyerl talks about content as being a medium, which changes locations and materials through the Internet, and other digital mediums. The work interacts with various networks, the drawings are pushed through scanners then back into drawings, marble and copper come into contact with UV Flatbed printers with images sourced from architectural manuals, turned into screen-prints on linen, paintings and instillations. Through this fluidity the end result is a still object where content and material are still and visible on the surface. The viserbility of the various layers of information relates to how information can be materialized. 

Conor O'Shea 2015