Static Emphatic:

Static:  /StatiK/ adj.[Physics] concerned with bodies at rest or forces that balance each other.

                            adj.[Electricity] the net charge of an object


Emphatic: /em-fat-ik/

Adj. uttered or to be uttered, with emphasis; strongly expressive

 Static Emphatic continues my exploration of the life-like qualities and potentials of inanimate materials, objects and internal urban spaces.

My material of choice is Perspex. Enamoured by the rich synthetic pigments in acrylic paint, I see Perspex as paint in a solid state; rolled out and ready to be made into an object, installation or intervention.


 Of equal importance to the material is the medium of the (this particular) gallery space. The dynamic external light that makes its home in the gallery is utilised, augmenting overlapping colours and producing reductive and additive colour combinations that emanate out of the landing installation.

In contrast the stripy wall objects sit comfortably in artificial interior light. The opaque colours and distinct edges are used to delineating effect.  Multiple stripes and lines produce a gentle tipsy optical experience, or a rhythm that might make you want to hum or dance.

 Artist Statement: Georgia Brown, September 2015


Georgia Brown lives and works in Sydney. She has exhibited with William Wright artist projects since 2010.  This is Georgia’s’ second solo show at “WW” and her work has been selected for several group shows in the space.

Georgia completed a Bachelor of fine art (Hons) in painting at the National art School Sydney in 2012.

Georgia’s work has also been exhibited at: Penrith Regional Gallery and the Lewer's bequest, SNO Gallery, Marrickville and Artereal Gallery, Rozelle. She was featured in Manly Gallery and Museum Artist Exchange. Her work has been selected for several award exhibitions including the Sulman prize and the Royal bank of Scotland artist award.  Her work has been acquired by Australian and International collectors.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Georgia Brown, September 2015