WHITE NOISE presents new and recent solo work by Sydney artist Julian Day. It continues his investigation into undifferentiated dispersed sound: what effect does homogeneous sound have on us and what does it reveal about our agency? Such work, with its conspicuous lack of depth of field, sits somewhere between the immersive visual ganzfelds of James Turrell and the stark psychoacoustics of Alvin Lucier, tempered with Martin Creed’s light touch. Simple materials such as paper and loudspeakers transform and extend the classic white cube gallery into a growling geometric ambience. The collection includes text scores, participatory sculpture and kinetic sound pieces using musical paraphernalia such as identical white metronomes, synthesizers and turntables.

Julian Day draws upon his twin backgrounds in composition and visual art. He has presented work at Whitechapel Gallery, MASS MoCA, Liquid Architecture and Museum of Contemporary Art and recently won the ARTAND Australia Contemporary Art Award. He directs two ongoing projects. Super Critical Mass invites temporary communities to undertake identical sonic tasks whilst An Infinity Room creates heightened airspaces using intersecting drones. In 2015 Day’s work features at the Bang On A Can Marathon (New York), Royal Academy of Music (London), Prague Quadrennial, Dark MOFO and Asia Pacific Triennial, GOMA.